San Antonio Healthcare Furniture

Nelson Interiors' single focus is providing personal, prompt and professional services to create the ideal solution to fit your business needs.

In our experience; most business owners are unprepared for the technical complexity and endless decisions that have to be made when considering a new workspace. The process is very time consuming and tedious; planning a concept design, anticipating growth potential, selecting colors, products, fabrics and finishes, integration of existing furniture; it can be absolutely overwhelming!

We have the solution.

Let our knowledgeable sales team and innovative designers, guide you through the planning process. We want to help you make an informed decision and present you with creative options and unique ideas.

Call us today at 210.684.2624 for a complimentary consultation that includes four easy steps:

  • 1. Visually assess your needs from floor to ceiling
  • 2. Consider Ergonomics: ADA compliance, data and electrical requirements and a style conducive to workflow and employee tasks
  • 3. Recommend furniture and design options that will be aesthetically pleasing and will capture your company image.
  • 4. Propose a concept within your budget and provide all the necessary services to complete the project.